Q) How do I sign up?

A) Print a Student Application and mail it to us with your check. The application includes instructions. Be sure to send your application to the location where the course will be taught.

Q) How do I Pay Online?

A) Seniors Now Computer Learning Center, now has the ability for students, or the person enrolling them, to pay for classes online using a credit card. There is a link in the Navigation Bar at the top of every page. It can also be accessed here. Once you have arrive at this payment processing gateway, simply select the class you wish to pay for, where it say “Select One“, then simply select either “New Enrollments” or “Repeat Students” to be charged the correct amount.

Q) How do I get more information?

A) Come to our open house on Monday afternoons, or give us a call.

Q) How much do classes cost?

A) Introduction to Computers 1 costs $30.00. Other courses are priced based on their length and the materials required. The prices are shown on the beginner coursesadvanced courses and short courses pages. Course fees are paid when you sign up. We accept cash, checks, money orders and Credit & Debit cards. Credit Card processing can only be done during office hours or online at any time. (Do not send cash in the mail.)

Q) When are classes scheduled?

A) Each course meets for three hours one morning or afternoon per week. At least two sections of Introduction to Computers 1 are taught each month. However, since demand is high and each section is limited to ten students, there may be a wait before you can get into the course. Click to see the schedules for our beginner, advanced and short courses. Call the location where the class will be held to find out about availability. You can also check our online calendar of upcoming classes.

Q) Where are classes held?

Classes are held in the Seniors Now classrooms at the Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex in downtown Orlando (directions)

Q) What is the minimum age for students?

A) There isn’t one. Students of all ages are welcome and encouragd to enroll. Before you enroll ask yourself this question…. “Do you feel comfortable in a classroom environment with up to 9 other senior students”.