2 sessions – $20

This 2 session course teaches how to use Gmail®, a Google provided web-based email system. It covers sending and receiving email with attachments, managing lists of email addresses, and using task lists. Graduates of this course should be able to use email on a personal computer productively at home. This course is two weeks long with one session per week. The price of this course is $20.00, payable at the time of registration.
Please Note: There are two special requirements for this course:
First, practice is very important in learning how to use a computer. You must have a Windows computer to practice on between classroom sessions.
Second, normally, Introduction to Computers must be completed before taking this course. However, If you can answer “YES” to all of the following five questions, you can go directly into this course.
1. Do you have a Microsoft Windows computer at home?
2. Are you comfortable using a computer keyboard and mouse or other pointing device?
3. Do you know how to use the Windows Start menu?
4. Can you manage multiple open windows?
5. Can you use an Internet Browser?

If you answer “NO” to any of these questions, you should take Introduction to Computers 1 before taking this Gmail course. If you are not sure, come to our Open House any Monday between noon and 3:00 PM and our volunteers will help you decide.

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Windows 8 Simplified Sold Out


Our Windows 8 Simplified classes have been a Huge Success and our class commencing March 11th afternoons at Marks Street has SOLD OUT!
We have decided to put on an extra class in the mornings at Marks Street on the same dates from 9am to 12pm.

Click here to see the Windows 8 Simplified schedules.

Registration and Course Information here.

Using Your Digital Photos Starting Soon

3 sessions – $30 Total

This three session course helps you understand the many wonderful things you can do on the computer with the photos from your digital camera. The course will cover:

  • General concepts of digital camera operation
  • Tips on picture taking
  • Transferring digital pictures to your computer
  • How to store and organize your pictures
  • Editing and enhancing your photos
  • Printing photos
  • E-mailing photos
  • How to create a wonderful slide show of your photos, complete with music and effect

The class will also touch on scanning photos, adding text to photos and creatively adding photos to word processing and other documents. You will be given class materials to work with and references to further your knowledge. Programs used will be provided free to each student. You must have a digital camera and a computer to take this course. You must have also completed Files and Folders, Oh My! or have the equivalent experience. See below for the schedule of classes. The price of this course is $30.00, payable at the time of registration.

Click here to see the schedules for Using Your Digital Photos.

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Introduction to Spreadsheets, Enroll Now!

Fun With Numbers

This is a 3 session course using the Calc program, including exercises in real world situations. The first session will cover spreadsheet basics including moving around a spreadsheet, entering values in a spreadsheet, copying data in cells, and formatting cells. The students will develop an Address Book to use some of the basics, including sorting. The second session will use all of the lessons from the first session and introduce addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and formulae in cells. The practical exercise in this session will be to develop a personal checkbook. The third session will build on the first two sessions and introduce Headers, Footers, merging cells, grid lines and the development of an investment summary to use all of the learned skills.
The price of this course is $30.00, payable at the time of registration.

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New iPad Classes

New iPad Classes

Senior Now have been teaching iPad classes for over a year, but we have recently introduced some new classes to are arsenal. They are by far our most popular courses and they also fill up quick. For more information on these classes follow the links below.

The current list of iPad classes we are teaching are:

Introduction to the iPad

The iPad (Part 2)

There’s an App for That

Photo Editing Fun

For a full list of upcoming iPad classes, see our iPad Calendar.

Seniors Now Computer Learning Center is currently not offering any classes. We operate at the Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex in a government facility generously provided to us by Orange County Parks and Recreation. This senior recreation facility is currently closed until further notice. We will update this message when we know more. Thank you for your patience and please stay safe.