Office Hours

Seniors Now Computer Learning Center is a Non-Profit organization totally run by volunteers. Our volunteers also have a life of their own, and our offices are only staffed certain times of the day and week.

The office hours are subject to change, so if in doubt, check back here for up to date office hours.

New Course, Keyboard Shortcuts

Seniors Now Computer Learning Center is proud to announce our latest course offering of “Keyboard Shortcuts”. This 1 session course teaches how to use Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Windows to become more productive. It covers efficient ways to open and close programs and navigating Windows without a mouse or other pointing device .  It also covers file manipulation such as cut, copy & paste.  Graduates of this course should be able to use shortcuts on a personal computer productively at home. This course is one session.  The price of this course is $10.00, payable at the time of registration.

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We are a group of dedicated volunteers interested in passing on our computer skills to others.