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Windows 8 Simplified

Windows 8 Simplified, Coming Soon

We will be soon launching a brand new class titled “Windows 8 Simplied”, it’s aimed at simplifying Windows 8  and making it enjoyable to use.

This 3 session course is aimed at those currently using Windows 8 and wanting to know more about it’s features, or those consider buying Windows 8. The course explains Windows 8 in a simplified manor to remove all the confusion and aims at empowering you with the skills to use Windows 8 comfortably and also enjoy using it at the same time. We teach the skills necessary to customize the interface to your preference, adjust settings to your level of vision and ability, searching for files & applications, adding and removing tiles, uninstalling applications and much more. If Windows 8 frustrates you then this is the course to remove the frustration and begin to enjoy Windows 8 in it’s intended glory.
The cost of this 3 week, 3 session course will be $30 payable at the time of registration. Registration will be open soon, so stay tuned.

Network Maintenance

On Thursday, July 18th, at 11PM EDT, our network engineering team will be performing maintenance, which is scheduled to complete by 1AM EDT, July 19th. Please note, these upgrades may result in brief network outages during the maintenance window lasting no more than 5 minutes. We will closely monitor our service levels during the maintenance window in order to control the impact of the scheduled downtime. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue working to bring you a better website for your needs.