‘We are Seniors Teaching Seniors’

Who are we? We are a group of dedicated volunteers interested in passing on our computer skills to others.
What do we do? We offer courses in computer subjects for senior citizens in the Central Florida area. Our program for beginners is split into three courses.

Our Most Popular Courses
Introduction to Computers
is a 3-week course designed to make you feel comfortable using a computer.
Exploring your Computer is a 3-week course that teaches you how to use a computer more productively.
Introduction to the iPad is a 2-week course. If you have an iPad and are not sure what to do with it or you just want to know what all the fuss is about, this course will help you.
Windows 8 Simplified is a 3-week course aimed at those currently using Windows 8 and wanting to know more about it’s features, or those consider buying Windows 8. The course explains Windows 8 in a simplified manor to remove all the confusion and aims at empowering you with the skills to use Windows 8 comfortably and also enjoy using it at the same time.

We also offer advanced courses on the Internet, buying and selling on eBay, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Email and Using your Digital Photos.
We now offer short courses. These courses are from 1 to 3 sessions in length. These are advanced courses intended for students who have completed Introduction to Computers and Exploring your Computer.

We have taught over 9,000 students since our founding in 1996. Each classroom has ten computers, one for each student. Our computers use the Windows 8.1 operating system.

For the day-by-day schedule of activities at the Learning Center, see our on-line calendar.

Our thanks to the Orange County Parks & Recreation division and to the dedicated people who staff their senior recreation facilities.

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Marks Street Classroom
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We are a group of dedicated volunteers interested in passing on our computer skills to others.